Check-Up: Where did this smell come from?

August 19, 2019

Sherene says that she is becoming very concerned as she doesn’t have a vaginal discharge, but just recently has this high, bad-smelling vaginal odour all the time.

She asks Check Up what could cause this problem.


Some vaginal odours are normal, although these are not usually described as foul or fishy. Some women always have a mild, musky vaginal odour which may become more prominent after sex or with the monthly menses.

During these hot times, normal sweating can also result in a vaginal odour. Regular ingestion of onions and coffee can change the vaginal smell.

Try taking probiotics regularly, discontinuing the spicy foods and drinking plenty water.

Despite not actually seeing a discharge, bacterial vaginosis, a vaginal infection which is indeed often associated with a discharge, is the most common cause of a vaginal odour.


Most women will experience a discharge, itching and burning; but for some women, the odour is the only sign of this infection. This infection is not thought to be an sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Forgetting to remove a tampon and leaving it in the vaginal tract for days will definitely result in a really bad odour coming from the vagina with no visible vaginal discharge.

Trichomoniasis, an STI, can also cause a bad vaginal odour. Sometimes a yeast infection also causes a change in the vaginal smell, but usually this is only slight.


Other causes of a distinct vaginal odour include:

n Poor hygiene

n Use of scented condoms

n A connection opening up between the rectum and vagina

n Cervical cancer

n Vaginal cancer


So, if you have a persistent vaginal odour which is not due to poor hygiene or a forgotten tampon or your diet, you should visit your doctor for a check-up now.

By the way, avoid douching, as it can lead to overgrowth, discharge and odour.

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