Carlton living in bathroom

November 13, 2018
Carlton Franksin sitting on his old bed inside his home in Granville, Trelawny.
Carlton Franksin

Most people would not consider an outside bathroom to be a living space in the most desperate of times, but for a sickly 61-year-old Trelawny man, it is what he has been calling home for several years.

Carlton Franksin of Granville in Trelawny has been living in an outside bathroom for the majority of his 20 years he has been in the parish.

"I come from Clarendon and use to live all bout, but I settle in Granville a do little odd work for a lady," Franksin told the WESTERN STAR.

"So because I use to work for the lady she give me there to live. She died three years now but I still live in the bathroom because I can't do better," he added.

Franksin's living condition is far from perfect in the cramped and dilapidated structure. Inside, he only has a worn down sponge bed to sleep on, and some old clothes heaped in a corner.

"It rough man. I bathe and cook outside, and when I want to use the toilet there is an abandoned building out near the main road," said Franksin.

"I do little odd work same way about the community but I want some help. I don't have no family here. I don't have any kids. I am on my own from ever since," Franksin said.

"For the time being, is a little bed I would a want, but I would want a little home overall, if someone could help me," he said.

Persons who wish to offer assistance to Franksin can do so by contacting at 876-563-5156.

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