OUR SPELLS CAN BEAT THE LAW - Obeah practitioners say proposed fines won’t affect them

March 14, 2019

Even though a hefty increase in the fine for persons accused of practising obeah was proposed in Parliament recently, the practitioners say they are not worried.

When THE STAR spoke with Mama Dor, a St Catherine-based reader woman, she said that she strongly believes that those practitioners who are very knowledgeable in their field will not be affected by the $1 million proposed fine. According to the Obeah Act (1898), persons accused of practising obeah or witchcraft could be fined up to $100 or imprisoned for up to 12 months.

"Even if them get the green light on the proposition, I am one reader woman who is not gonna fret because mi have spell can block that. People really don't know how powerful we are, and those who do just a try come with a way to stop we from helping others, but that nah go work. Trust me, STAR, some of us will never pay a fine if we go court. I believe in fighting fire with fire," she said.

When asked how she would protect herself if she is caught in the act by law enforcers, she said: "Me is a black, black woman, but mi can tell you say when mi go before the judge, the police nah go can identify mi because mi will transform all in a chiney man pon dem. Dem know who dem a ramp with?"

blasted the new propositions

Meanwhile, another obeahman, who goes by the name 'Soul Searcher', also blasted the new propositions, stating that the Government is simply seeking to abolish a healing practice that has been around for centuries.

"Foolishness this. Because if them wah charge big bucks if them find we a practise obeah, mi hope dem charge the Indian people dem who a call it astrology. Them come in our country and can advertise their services in the media, and we can't even put up a sign outside our gate," he told THE STAR.

"If dem a go fine we, dem need to all fine the church dem too because a nuff a dem have dem rituals too. This is a bag a rubbish, and mi nah pay no Government no money to do my job, because like the lawyers and doctors, we serve and protect our country too," he said.

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