Trelawny district rocked by resident’s murder

April 01, 2022
Juzelle Marie Campbell
Juzelle Marie Campbell

Life has not been the same for Celeste Brown-Duggan since midday Wednesday, when she heard that the body of her granddaughter, Juzelle Marie Campbell, 26, had been discovered under plastic in Daniel Town, Trelawny.

"She left for Falmouth on Monday and did not come back home. It is unusual of her not to come home and I was worried but I did not fear the worst," she said. A neighbour told her about the gruesome discovery. A suspect is reportedly in custody.

"When she saw di foot was brown an' have tattoo pon it, mi say a Juzelle an mi buss out a bawling. From dat time till now mi nuh eat an mi nuh stop cry," she said. Brown-Duggan described Juzelle as a jovial, caring mother of two.

"Di son stay wid her. Any time she coming home she always have something for her little bwoy. It pain mi heart fi know smaddy could kill Juzelle," she said. Peter Campbell, Juzelle's father, said that when he heard that she had been found dead, he parked his car in Falmouth and walked home.

"I went home, locked my self in my room and nuh come back out or answer no phone. I am weak, shocked and can't even cry," he said. Campbell said he fears going out because he does not want anybody to talk to him about the death of his daughter.

"I want to tell myself that it is not true," he said. Ilene 'Dimple' Sterling, shopkeeper in Texas, a section of Daniel Town, said Juzelle was her 'little friend'.

"From mi hear mi jus a vomit an cry. Mi nuh eat nutten but mi a vomit. A Pete say if a even water mi fi drink. Not even dat can stay down," she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Juzelle's cousin Roydell Hamilton, who is a cop, is arranging some grief counselling through the Victim Support Unit for Brown-Duggan and other relatives.

"It hit her hard and I know she going to need counselling. They were always together. She raised Juzelle from she was two years old because her mother died early," Hamilton said.

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