Emergency vehicles must have free access to highways– Lisa Hanna

May 02, 2022
Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna, has called on the government to give emergency vehicles free access to highways and road networks.
Her statement follows the death of Police Constable Donald Carr who was killed in a car crash last night on the North-South High Way near Golden Grove in St Ann. 
According to reports, Carr was travelling to work along the North South Highway in St Ann when his vehicle got out of control overturned in a ditch in the vicinity of Golden Grove. 
It is alleged that the toll booth operators refused to allow the police vehicles through the barrier as they attempted to rush their injured colleague and his passenger to the hospital. 
Hanna said delays in police accessing and offering aid in critical incidents will lead to a greater loss of lives. 
“I am calling on the government to ensure that local police station vehicles for example those at the Claremont, Moneague, and St Ann’s Bay police stations have full access to the highway with toll exemptions,” Hanna said.  
The North South Highway runs from Caymanas in St Catherine to Mamme Bay in St Ann
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