Shooting in Westmoreland leaves four injured

February 15, 2024
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

The police in Westmoreland have launched an investigation into a shooting which left four persons, two men and two women, injured on Wednesday night.

It is reported that the victims were patrons at a party when a motorcycle with two men rode up from the direction of Beckford Street in Savanna-la-Mar and stopped.

It is further reported the men proceeded to brandish firearms and opened fire at the crowd.

The women and two males, who reside in the parish capital, are now hospitalised nursing gunshot wounds.

Wednesday night's shooting is the second of its kind within the last three weeks.

In the first incident that took place on January 27,  a woman was among five patrons at a party who were shot and injured on Barracks Road.

Those who were injured in that incident ages range from 27 to 32. They were also attacked by men aboard a motorcycle.

The Westmoreland Police are investigating both incidents.

-Albert Ferguson 

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