Election-day shooting leaves one dead in St James

February 26, 2024
Photo by Ashley Anguin

Chaos exploded in Flanker, St James, earlier today following the shooting death of a man along Codac Drive in the community. He has been identified as Peter Johnson.

An alleged eyewitness told The STAR that Johnson was shot after he ran from the security forces. However, the Flanker resident quickly pointed out that the now-deceased man had surrendered to the police and military by raising his hands.

"The likkle boy run inna the yard deh suh and hold up him two hand dem and the police shot him. All when him drop a grung the soldier dem go over him and empty it inna him," said the irrate resident.

"Dem a wicked," she bemoaned.

The resident also expressed disappointment as she stated that supporters of the two major political parties were "living good" as they waited to cast their votes during today's local government elections.

"This nuh look good. Everybody did a live good before this. Mi all did have on my PNP friend hat pon my head," she said.

The fatal incident caused a halt in the voting at the polling stations inside of the Flanker Primary and Infant School.

"I just left from work to come vote and buck up inna this. Dem evil man. I don't know about this situation but this happens every election. A man died right here during the next election," another resident complained bitterly.

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