Rastas 'fi go trim' if they don't vote PNP, says Rastafarian teacher

February 26, 2024
Rastafarian, Delroy Johnson, after casting his vote at the Porus Infant School in Manchester. - Ricardo Makyn photo

A member of the Rastafarian community has declared that Rastas who do not support the People's National Party (PNP) "fi go trim".

Delroy Johnson, a teacher, who was in line to vote at the Porus Infant School, in Manchester told The STAR that it was important for all members of society to participate in the democratic process, as he urged Rastas to vote.

"If you don't participate then you leave some people who may be undesirable in terms of their motives to choose for you," he said.

Johnson shared that he was voting for the PNP, arguing that "Anybody weh seh dem a Rasta and nuh support di PNP dem fi go trim because the PNP give the Rastas the most (rights)."

The Porus division is being contested by the Jamaica Labour Party incumbent, Claudia Morant-Baker the People's National Party's, Peta Gaye Blake Campbell and independent candidate, Muriel Beverley Swaby.

According to Johnson, this local government election is a "trial run" for the upcoming General Elections.

"We have to come out and make sure we get the ball running from now, so when it come general time a di same process," he said. "We want to give Mark (Golding) a chance, because Mark has business acumen and other things that can transfer and mek him into a better leader for Jamaica," he said.

However, another voter who requested anonymity said his vote was going to the political party that presented the best policy.

"Mi always look pon di issues and policies dem and decide on which one more conducive to mi, and who look like dem have more sense and dem sinting deh, mi nuh deh like, 'hey mek mi follow dis colour colour'," he said.

He too is urging more Jamaicans to vote.

"If you have some people a set rules and set laws and set the thing dem weh wi fi do, we must go inna wi self and pick out di ting dem weh wi tink seh aguh benefit we and benefit the future of Jamaica, so you haffi mek sure seh you participate," he said.

Morant-Baker won the Porus division in 2016 with 1,273 votes.  Then PNP candidate, Swaby polled 1,006 votes.

- Sashana Small

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