Venesha Phillips still loved despite switch to JLP

February 26, 2024
JLP supporters of Venesha Phillips in August Town. - Corey Robinson photo

Darrington Ferguson, the People's National Party candidate who is going up against the Jamaica Labour Party's Venesha Phillips in the Papine division in St Andrew, says there is no ill-will in the rivalry.

This, even as Phillips, his reported good friend, recently crossed the floor from the PNP to represent the JLP in this election.

"The word is love. Just love," said Ferguson, responding to questions about the election challenge he's faced with.

Ferguson cast his vote at the August Town Primary School this morning, where voters trickled slowly into the polling station this morning.

Ferguson said he is hopeful the numbers will pick up during the course of the day.

"The process is good. It is a bit slow, but it's moving. We have done our work, we have executed today, and at the end of it we are expecting to win," he said.

Lighting, roads and community safety are among the main issues plaguing his division and the constituency at large, he said.

"If you visit the August Town community, especially when it is dark, you will realise that there is very poor lighting. So it is really something that we need to look at. Minor water supply is also a disaster and we continue to struggle in those areas. We need to pay them more attention."

Representing the PNP, Phillips won that division with 2,208 votes to 1,931 from George Planto.

Even as she switched political sides there was no outward show of ill-will observed against her from voters who turned out throughout August Town this morning.

"After today when the counting done, is Venesha going to KSAMC (Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation). Anything that PNP come wid to try get rid of Venesha not going to work," shouted JLP supporter Leon Perkins outside the Escarpment Road polling station. 

"She is not a PNP or a Labourite, she works for the people. Venesha is the only one I see do things for the community, whether labourite or PNP. Venesha fix the road when she was a PNP and she come over now, and all praise be to her," he said.

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