Candy to get brighter smile

March 01, 2024
Social media personality ‘Candy’.
Social media personality ‘Candy’.

Social media personality 'Candy' has a million reasons to smile. The 33-year-old, who is engaged to be married to Randy 'Road Code' Coombs later this month, has began a dental makeover, which she says will help to boost her confidence.

"Me feel so good because me a guh smile now. If it was not for God and Randy, I would not get them fixed", she said.

Candy, whose given name is Kerisha Brandon, visited the offices of Dr Jonecavel Hamilton in Kingston on Monday where she had her first teeth cleaning done. The procedure was the first part of a three-step process in her dental make cover. She said that the next step in the process will be root canal treatment, after which she will be fitted with dentures.

Randy told THE WEEKEND STAR that despite Candy having a bubbly personality, she is sometimes slowed by confidence issues because she does not have pearly white teeth.

"I am excited for her because she is a girl weh her teeth and thing is her biggest downfall in everything wah gwaan fi har. She know seh when people a look pon a her and if somebody a talk to her, she know seh the person nah stare directly at her, dem a stare in her mouth. Even me that reach sometime too, that's why me say me need fi do something about it," he said.

Randy made a video asking for help for candy to brighten Candy's smile. The video was posted on social media. The video attracted much attention, including the Ministry of Health and Wellness which offered to cover the cost of Candy's dental makeover.

Candy said that she was, at first, not interested in having the procedure done but changed her mind at the last minute.

"The devil works strong, and I said, 'God, you know I want this'," she said.

The enigmatic social media personality now joins list of persons to benefit from the Government's Second Chance Smiles initiative, which was introduced last year. The programme will give 10,000 Jamaicans under 60 years old the opportunity to apply for replacement dentures through over 82 health centres islandwide.

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