Falmouth Hospital benefits from $44 million investment

April 03, 2024
photo of the newly constructed walkway. Taken by Lion Jackson

The Falmouth Hospital in Trelawny is the benefactor of a $44 million investment, which went towards refurbishing and redesigning of its walkway.

Regional Director Western Regional Health Authority, St Andrade Sinclair, disclosed the information  to the STAR earlier today. 

"We have refurbished areas in need of repair and designed the walkway to better serve our clients and staff," Sinclair said. 

Sinclair further that," formerly if you needed to transfer a patient from one ward to the next, and it started to rain, you would have to wait until the rain stopped. That is now a thing of the past because there is connection between the wards."

Favian Blair the hospital's operation's manager expressed appreciation for the work done.

"We in the health section have Vision 2030, and this is just one step towards ensuring that our clients receive quality service."

- Lion Jackson 

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