JFF announces 876Stream as marketing partners

April 18, 2024
Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) in a press conference earlier today at its headquarters, announced digital outlet 876Stream as the official marketing and sponsorship partner.

JFF general secretary Dennis Chung welcomed the partnership as he feels it is the perfect time for the federation in the lead-up to the World Cup qualifiers, which are set to start in June.

Chung said with 876Stream's track record, the partnership is expected to bring a lot of success to the national programme.

"We are eagerly looking forward to this partnership with 876Stream," he said. "We believe they will add value to our product and will aid us tremendously in growing our brand as we get prepared for the World Cup qualifiers and beyond."

Conrad Mathison, managing director of 876Stream, said he is excited about the opportunity.

Mathison said the partnership aims to bring the 'pride and passion' back to Jamaican football and to bring excitement to Jamaica's World Cup qualifying campaign.

"We're very excited about this partnership with the JFF. We talk about it all the time," Mathison said. "It's a major achievement for us. The real aim of it is that we are excited to bring back the pride and passion of Jamaican football.

"We need to bring back something like that to Jamaica communities at the low level, at the national level, at the stadium or even at your homes. You should be passionate about talking about Jamaica's sports."

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