Murder suspect found dead at home

September 07, 2018
Linton Stephenson's body was found at his home in Manchester.

The Manchester police yesterday found the decomposing body of Linton Stephenson, the deacon who was a person of interest in the murder of 25-year-old Khyhymn Campbell.

His body was found on the premises where he resided in Bloomsville  Circle in the parish.

Reports are that sometime after 4 p.m., Stephenson's body was discovered with a bottle beside it.

The police are theorising that he may have committed suicide by drinking a toxic substance.

They are yet to determine how long the body had been there.

Stephenson was being sought by the police after his car was found near the Marshall's Pen area with Campbell's body, which was stuffed in an igloo, wrapped in a sheet, with her throat slashed.

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