Portland man injured in attack by dogs while jogging

April 19, 2024
File photo.

A Portland man is nursing injuries sustained after he was attack by a pack of dogs while jogging early Thursday morning in the quiet community of Hopefield in Hope Bay.

Sherman Roberts, a licensed firearm holder, said that he was out jogging shortly before 6 a.m. with his wife when five dogs from a nearby yard rushed at him, resulting in him crashing to the ground. 

According to Roberts, the dogs, which were seemingly determined to rip him apart based on their aggressive nature, inflicted bites to several parts of his body.

“I was shouting and rolling on the ground as the dogs bite away at my body, and my wife was shouting and crying out loudly. I pulled my firearm and I discharged one bullet in the direction of one of the dogs that was aiming to bite me in the face,” Roberts said.

“It was a very frightening ordeal, but I am happy that I’m alive. I have since found the owner of the dogs and we spoke about the incident on Thursday, after I sought medical attention. Some arrangements were made as to covering my medical costs. I spent $30,000 on Thursday. But on Friday it was different mood as the owner is refusing to honour the commitment. I will have to seek legal advice,” he pointed out.

In the meantime, the police have confirmed the incident and they have also revealed that an official report was made and a statement was collected from the licensed firearm holder.

- Gareth Davis Snr

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