My Confession: Found out my girlfriend’s cousin was really her man

March 27, 2020

Mi say STAR, dem say women are snakes and mi prove it with the last woman whe mi did deh wid.

She much younger than me and would give me the ‘wickedest ride’. One day she tell mi say she a move come a town go live with her auntie and male cousin a Kingston.

Mi buy stove and some things give her, but mi always a ask why me never can visit her at her house.

She say her aunt was a strict Christian and nah allow her to carry home any man unless she is married to them.

Me work with it, but it always bother me say me can’t get her phone at nights, and she say they have to turn off dem phone a night-time because her auntie say the angel dem nah go visit. STAR, almost every week she and her cousin come meet me for groceries and ting. Di cousin always very pleasant and him all invite mi and her to couple party in dem community, and naturally, mi buy bare top liquor.

Me all go farrin and carry back tings for him. Anyway, one day me buck one a mi brethren in her community and him a ask me whe mi a do a dem place ya, and mi tell him say mi woman live here and pop out a picture show him.

Me nearly dead when me hear the man say is him cousin woman and all call the man name. Cut long short, she never live with no auntie or cousin; is her man she live with!

Me hear say she tell him say she have a old man a ‘bups out’ and him tell her say she can do it as long as she a carry home tings.

So all this time me a come a the community, I was the laughing stock. Mi did too shame to confront her, mi just stop link her. Me hear say her man put her out and she a suffer like dog now.

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