My Confession: Player boyfriend told other girl I was his helper

May 08, 2020

Dear STAR, my ex-man told his other woman I was his helper. When mi meet di bwoy he told me that he had just broken up with his girl. She lived a few houses away from him and I would intentionally pass her yard when I was going to visit him.

Shortly after mi meet him, he met in an accident and was hospitalised. On the night of the accident she turned up at the hospital with her nuff self, and when I asked him why she was there he told me she was just concerned about him, and I shouldn’t pay her any mind.

While he was there I always make sure I visited to bathe him and do other little stuff, and she was always there watching with her friends. One day I caught her and one of her friends giving me a bad yeye, but I didn’t care, I just laughed at them. Anyway, one day I was taking back his belongings to wash and the gyal bright enough to ask if mi nah guh wash him sheet too. Next ting me know she meet me at the bus stop and ask mi how much his family pay me to visit every day, and if I am sure I am only just his helper.

Mi get mad same time and ask the gyal if mi look like helper to her, and same time she back out her phone and show mi a barrage of messages. She and di man never left at all. From the first day she see me a visit his house him tell her say him bredda a farrin pay me to take care a the house, and when him meet in accident him pay me a bit more to take care of him a daytime.

Mi start bawl same time and she and her fren buss one big dutty laugh. STAR, yuh know seh me call the bwoy and him deny it and say a lie she a tell. Mi shame like dog and walk wid mi head hold down for months, especially since the gyal and her fren dem never make fi forget bout it.

Every time dem see me dem throw word and ask each other if dem nah hire helper.


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