My Confession: I sent an explicit video to my church group

May 22, 2020

STAR, the worst thing reach mi when mi in my 20s, and from that time mi just leave the church ting alone because mi realise say yuh just can’t play with God.

So one day a pastor come preach in the community and pick mi out the crowd and say him see destruction going to reach mi and I should get baptise.

What he was talking did a connect. Within a week or so mi baptise and it never take long fi mi natural out mi hair and mi nah go tell nuh lie, mi did feel different.

Mi say mi all fill with the Holy Ghost and start speak inna tongues. However, although mi a live a godly life at church, mi did still have a boyfriend, but mi lie to the pastor and the rest of the church that mi leave him.

We have we church WhatsApp group where we pray and have meetings and mi did very active in it. Anyway, one day mi man ask mi to make a sexy video send him, and yuh no wa see how mi strip down and gwan with miself.

Mi press send and gwan back go do mi business. Minutes later mi see mi phone a ring and a mi pastor dat a ask mi wat dat mi send in the group. So mi ask him wa him a talk bout and him say mi must go look and hang up.

STAR, mi almost drop dung when mi see say mi send di video di wrong place. By this time, persons were saying that I was filled with sex demons and needed cleansing while others were chastising me.

One of them even say I was the devil appearing like an angel of light. To make a long story short, mi delete mi self from the group and block dem, but yuh know say the pastor and a team a people come a mi yard bout dem wa pray fi mi.

When dem reach mi man was there. Bwoy, mi just tell dem say mi a live a lie and dem write mi out the church, but that never please dem.

Dem stay out mi gate and put down one piece a praying and sprinkle olive oil. For days mi nuh come out a mi house the way mi shame. I never set foot ever in the church or any other church unless a funeral.

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