My Confession: Helped my boyfriend get ready to marry his spouse

April 03, 2020

Dear STAR, I combed my man’s hair and ironed his clothes for his wedding to anodda woman. I was the laughing stock of my community for months.

Before uno say me fool fool too, let me explain. Him did have a woman but him always say a me him want.

Anyway, the week before him get married, him tell mi say him woman sister getting married and him and her a take part.

Me really notice say couple of days leading up to the wedding him a keep scarce, but him text and say a tru him deh all over the place a look car fi rent.

The day before him come and beg mi comb him hair and mi give him a nice piece a hairstyle deh.

Mi wash the suit and press it out good give him, and him kiss mi and tell mi say him soon forward.


Him make sure remind me say him a take part so mi nah go hear from him. The entire day and night mi can’t hear from di bwoy.

The next day a the same ting. STAR, me run go over him woman Facebook page and mi heart nearly drop when mi see a pic and a caption say ‘today I married my best friend’.

Two a dem that in the picture. Mi bawl ‘til mi hoarse, and by this time everyone know and a share the picture.

Mi use to tell mi friend dem lie say we were engaged and all wear a ring too, so that make it worse. Mi never see or hear from him fi days and one day mi see him drive up and nah wear di ring.

Him run come buss kiss pon mi and say how him miss mi and how it look like dem throw sumpn in his food cuz him have belly problem for days, and all end up in a hospital.

Mi give him one box and run him outta mi yard. Mi then send him the pictures them, and yuh know say the wutliss man ask mi wa mi a gwaan so fa because mi did already know him have a woman. Call mi stupid but mi still take him back.

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