Pregnant mom worried about delayed C-section

February 23, 2021

An expecting mother who was supposed to deliver her baby at 37 weeks, via C-section, at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH) is worried that she and her baby may die.

The woman, now at 39 weeks, claimed that she has not been able to deliver due to a backlog in C-sections at the institution.

She said that several other women are scheduled to undergo surgery and hers is a high-risk pregnancy.

"I am scared because at anytime me can be at home and start see blood and by the time me reach hospital me dead," she said. "I am at home sick and I can hardly walk because my baby is so low and these things doesn't make any sense to me and from my understanding a long time these things a happen."

The woman told THE STAR that she was booked to do her C-section last month but it was pushed back to this week.

"They sent me out because other persons there are due way before me and the whole COVID thing and space is an issue too but it is not safe because I am feeling a lot of pain," she said. "My due date is the fifth of March but because I'm high-risk pregnancy they cannot allow me to go into labour. It have a chance of killing me therefore they have to take me at 37 weeks and I'm way past there right now."

Meanwhile Dr Garth McDonald, senior medical officer at the VJH, told THE STAR that he is not aware of the claims being made about the hospital but said he is willing to investigate and correct any issues that there may be.

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