It's her business - The streets weigh in on Spice's photo

October 23, 2018
A vendor displays her selection of skin bleaching products.
Spice sports a Black Panther-themed outfit at Reggae Sumfest in July.

Social media users aren't the only ones reacting to Spice's photo, the streets are talking too. THE STAR took to Princess Street in the heart of downtown, Kingston to hear what people had to say about an apparent 'light-skinned' Grace Hamilton.

Interestingly, many people lauded the entertainer for what they described as skin bleaching.

"Obviously she a bleach. She look better yah so, and mi nah seh she did ugly before, but she look better now," DonDon told THE STAR. "Mi nah go 'round nuh corner, mi woulda look Spice now. Mi wouldn't look har yesterday, but mi would look har today. It fit har."

DonDon said that he recently started bleaching his skin, and said it is possible to appear extremely fair in a short space of time.




"Look pan me weh just a bleach fi five days now. Mi did dark like Spice, and people nuh stop call me 'brown man' from yesterday. Mi know somebody weh sell cream weh can bring yuh inna one week. It possible."

Hairstylist Sharon was also delighted at Spice's photo.

"Spice, yuh look good mi girl. Yuh hard like a rock. Yuh fava a likkle Rapunzel or new money inna England," she said. "Me like yuh hair, me like yuh lash, me like all yuh blouse cause turtle neck a wear back. Big up yuhself, dem grudge yuh," Sharon said.

Other people expressed scepticism about the change her skin tone, as they said that Spice's tattoos are not visible in the photo. Patricia, a wholesale worker, said Spice has disappointed Lady Saw (now Marion Hall).

"Honestly, Lady Saw woulda disappointed," she said. "Lady Saw, go places inna dancehall and never haffi disguise herself as a Barbie doll. Spice go back black. If a dat she go pan Love & Hip Hop fi get exposure, that is just selling out your race. If it's a case where she haffi change her skin tone fi get the exposure, mi nuh agree with that cause either way she a di hottest thing inna dancehall."

Other people like Vivene were indifferent.

"To me to each his own. If that mek her happy, she do that, that's her prerogative. I don't have any problem with it," she said.

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