Music production and promotion take back seat - Some local producers say energy has shifted due to COVID-19

March 23, 2020
DJ Rush
DJ Rush
Dane Ray
Dane Ray

Recording artistes are not the only ones grappling with the minor stroke their entertainment calendars have suffered due to COVID-19.

Music production has also taken a back seat, according to several producers.

"Pretty much working from home has become a necessity and for those who don't have a studio space, it poses a challenge," said Tip God, producer of Rygin King's 3ZN and Chronic Law's single, Good Name. "A lot of work takes place in the studio. When it comes to operating it, dealing with clientele and production, a lot of it is based off energy, and right now the dancehall community does not have that strong energy to link up - there is a shift."

Tip God said that he has been struggling with getting work done and there are several studios that he operates out of that have shortened opening hours.

"Not everybody may be affected, so I guess you can say it is an unbalanced vibe, especially since some of the entertainers I record look to promote hard in the streets. With that option not available, there is no rush to record," he said. "The conversations are focused on this virus and some persons are traumatised by the news. Even though work a gwaan, is like it take a back seat and the mindset of some of us is set to slow down right now," he continued.

Chart-topping producer Dale 'Dizzle' Virgo said that part of that slowing down is a personal choice.

Other businesses

"All the energy is going into communication with the artistes, preparing for what is to come and what can become as soon as all the pandemic calms down. Otherwise, other businesses of mine are affected because persons are unable to meet, and plans that were put in place before, have to be put on pause for now," he said.

Meanwhile, producers like NotNice, DJ Rush and Dane Ray expressed that regardless of the situation, music production still goes on, however, promotion is restricted to online.

Music production has always been in a confined space for NotNice. He said, "I am used to working from home, sort of like quarantined, and same for the entertainers I work with ... the work still goes on."

Dane Ray said that music is still in production.

"But with promotion, we are spending more time in the online spaces. Promotion-wise, for those of us that depend on the streets, it is a bit discouraging, because not being out there affects the listenership," he said.

Rush said: "While the world is not concentrating on that, I don't believe anybody has completely stopped doing music production. (But) The topic might change, the release date might also change, and things overall have slowed down."

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