Twani Price now a university graduate

October 30, 2020
Twani Price
Twani Price
The entrance to the University of Technology, Papine campus.
The entrance to the University of Technology, Papine campus.
Twani Price
Twani Price

Armed with his bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship, Honda hitmaker Twani Price says he is now more emboldened to take on the music business, which he describes as his true passion.

"We go school fi entrepreneurship and music is a business, so the two a guh fit perfectly fi make me stand out in the industry," said Price, a comedic blogger-turned-artiste.

The 24-year-old Kingston College alumnus recently graduated from the University of Technology. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he did not graduate from high school "because of likkle trouble weh mi did give", and so "I always kinda wanted to make up for that missed opportunity".

Now with degree in hand, Price is eager to put the combination of his higher education and passion to work for him. He recently teamed up popular social media personality, Prince Pine, for a new single titled Long Distance. The song was released on Heroes Weekend and sees the duo talking about long-distance relationships.


"UTech taught me a lot about branding and how important it is, especially as an artiste. A mi now fi take weh mi learn and fuse it wid di music and make the Twani brand even better," he said.

"Branding in this industry is very important because how you represent yourself will determine how people treat you in this business. If yuh nuh brand yourself properly, people nah go take yuh serious. For example, mi brand myself as a comedian and when I ventured into music, I had to make adjustments and transition into the artiste space. I had to repurpose my image, my sound and everything else to fit into this new space I was entering. It wasn't easy and it took time, but we go through it and it's working. Right now, when people look at me or hear my name, they see more than just a social media comedian/vlogger, they see an artiste with the potential to do big things in the industry," Price added.

The newly minted degree holder has suggested to his colleagues not to countenance the view that higher education and a career in entertainment do not go hand in glove.

"Always have options. Life is fickle innu, and especially with music. Sometimes people with yuh, and a next time dem nuh with you. Things nah go always up so it's always good to finish school, especially university, and have options," Price said.

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