Aunt knew my woman was giving me ‘bun’

July 04, 2022

Dear Pastor,

Your column has taught me many things. I am living with a woman. I would say she has changed my life, but not for the better. I have three children with three different women.

Two of my children were born in the same year. I broke up with the mothers of all my children. I found out that they were with me because of what they could get. My father died and left me a four-bedroom house. I was his only child.

I have an aunt who asked me if she could live in the house, and I gave her permission to do so. She rented a part of the house and was collecting rent and never gave me a cent. She introduced me to a woman her age and I fell in love with her. This woman was not working, but during the day she would go to the house and talk people's business with my aunt.

I went on the farmwork programme and she got involved with another man and took him to the house. My aunt never said anything to me. The man used to sleep there. When I found out and asked my aunt why she allowed that, she said the woman is a big woman and I was not around, so she found a man. So I asked my so-called woman to leave; and I have also given my aunt notice to quit my house. My aunt has never paid me a cent for living at the house. I did not expect her to pay me. I was helping her, but she didn't protect my interests.

When I was in Canada, I went with prostitutes and I tried my best to protect myself. I thought that my woman in Jamaica was behaving herself, but she let me down. I have lost big time on this woman because I used to save and send her money. I am seeing another woman now.


Dear E.R.,

Your aunt introduced you to this woman. She knew her well. She should have protected you. This woman was a bad woman. I wonder what your aunt gained from this woman. You had a right to throw both of them out. You don't have to apologise for that at all. My understanding is that so many guys who go on the farmwork programme get themselves entangled with prostitutes, and that is what you did. Some of them pick up STIs. You are fortunate that you were not infected. Be very careful in what you do. You only have one life to live.


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