Don’t trust my friends around my husband

December 02, 2022

Dear Pastor,

My husband is in his 60s. He takes very good care of himself. He eats well and he is always going to the gym. He weighs about 185 pounds.

I am in my 50s and there is no time at all that my husband says no to me. We are both Christians. This is my second marriage. My first husband died of cancer and I told myself that I would never marry again, until I met this man. He was also married, but he got divorced.

I have to watch my girlfriends with him because they are always talking about how well he looks. One of them asked me if he is good in bed. I had to lie and tell her no because she has a reputation of going after other women's men. I could not let my husband know that I said he was no good; he would be very mad at me. In fact, to tell him that some of my friends love and admire him may turn him on and put our relationship in jeopardy. I have had my girlfriends come over from time to time to play cards and to have drinks, and my husband has always behaved as a gentleman. But I am not taking any risk with any of them.

When I lost my first husband, I did not have sex for three years. But when I met my new husband, it was like having a honeymoon all over again. We have our own home. We are not missing anything. Life is good with us.


Dear F.K.,

You are a very fortunate woman. Yes, it's true that your former husband passed on, but you have met this wonderful man and he has caused you to forget that you were once married and life couldn't be better with you.

I think you have a right to be cautious. Good men are hard to find and there are some women who are just looking for good men. They will give you competition. You could not be sure what was your girlfriend's motive when she asked whether your husband was good in bed. So don't allow her to get too close to him. Let her stay far from him.

Listen my dear, take care of your husband and give him whatever he wants. That's all I want to say to you. A medical doctor doesn't have to order anything for this man. You know what he loves; give it to him.


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