Boyfriend loves to eat fruits in bed

May 26, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I have a boyfriend. He likes when we eat fruits in bed. He uses certain fruits on my breasts and he has now got into the habit of doctoring the fruits between my legs and eating them.

I like the fun of eating fruits in bed and rubbing the fruits all over. My boyfriend likes to play around mangoes. There is no way we could have fun on a sheet and not wash the sheet when we wake up. My boyfriend is planning to leave Jamaica. He told me about this girl when we just met. Every time I may object to some of the things he wants me to do, he tells me that is why he has to love his old girlfriend because what I call freaky, she does not; she accepts them as sex games. I know that I am going to lose this man.

My boyfriend likes to make noise when we engage ourselves in certain types of lovemaking. But I do not make much noise and for that reason, he feels that I am not enjoying him, but I am. Sometimes I think he complains too much and he is just preparing me for the time when he will disappear.


Dear N.C.,

As you are aware, people do some very strange things in bed. The eating of fruits is something that certain couples love to do. The dipping of the fruits and eating is what your boyfriend and you enjoy doing. I suppose that changes the flavour of the fruit right away.

You are going to miss this man; prepare yourself for the departure.


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