Accused in murder of MP's daughter gets new court date

December 01, 2023
Contributed photo of the deceased Toshyna Patterson, 27, and 10-month-old Sarayah Paulwell. 

Leoda Bradshaw, the woman accused of plotting the murder of member of parliament Phillip Paulwell's daughter and her mother, has been remanded until March 6, 2024. 

Bradshaw and her cousin, Roland Balfour, were both arrested and charged for the abduction and murder of Toshyna Patterson, 27, and 10-month-old Sarayah Paulwell. 

The police have since confirmed that the victims were abducted outside their St Andrew home on September 9 and taken to east Kingston, where they were shot and killed.

Balfour was also been remanded alongside his cousin until the new date. 

This morning when the case was mentioned in the Home Circuit Court, the prosecution indicated that the case file was not complete.

As a result, Justice Vinette Graham-Allen made an order for an outstanding statement to be submitted by January 30 and the forensic certificate by February 29.

Bradshaw, who also shares a child with Paulwell, was charged with two counts each of capital murder, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to kidnapping.

Balfour was charged with two counts each of accessory before the fact to kidnapping and accessory before the fact to murder.

The duo is among four persons charged in the deadly plot.

However, two of the defendants pleaded guilty recently under a plea deal.

Roshane Miller was sentenced to seven years and 10 months for two counts of conspiracy to kidnap, two counts of accessory before the fact of murder, and two counts of misprision of felony.

Richard Brown pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and was sentenced to 30 years.

Bradshaw, a 34-year-old US Navy officer, is accused of plotting the murder.

Bradshaw is also alleged to have paid J$100,000 in the US currency equivalent to the hitmen as part of a down payment for the J$500,000 hit.

With the help of her cousin and co-defendant, Balfour, Bradshaw reportedly contracted men, including Rushane Miller and Richard Brown, to kidnap and murder the mother and daughter.

Attorney-at-law Deborah Martin and  Kelly Hamilton are representing Bradshaw.

Balfour is being represented by attorney Courtney Rowe.

- Tanesha Mundle

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