Girlfriend says I am too small

July 30, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and my girlfriend is 26. She has two children. She lives less than a mile from my house, so we see each other everyday. We make love very often, but she says I am too small. I know I am not small. She says that she does not feel any pain at all when we have sex. She is the first girl who has ever told me that I am small. Other girls have told me I am big.

I told a friend what she said and he told me that I should leave her because I cannot manage her, and I can find a girl who does not have many children and who does not complain or wants to feel pain during sex.


Dear T.L.,

This woman is embarrassing you and perhaps you should take the suggestion or the advice from your friend to end the relationship with her. She might not be speaking the truth when she tells you that you are too small. Woman have different ways in telling a man that they don't want them anymore.

Of course, your friend told you to seek a woman who doesn't have children. A man can marry a woman who has many children and that would not affect their sexual relationship. You are 19 years old, so please do not accept what this woman has told you and go out and purchase sexual enhancement products. You would be wasting your money.


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